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If you have lost your pool access key card, please contact the HOA Board by filling out the form below.  You must include your home & email address so we can deactivate your lost card and send you a PayPal* invoice for the $25 Key Card Replacement fee (+ $1.36 PayPal processing fee).  As soon as soon as the fee is paid, your new key card will be available for pickup at a designated location here in the neighborhood.  If you card is damaged or does not work properly, those will be replaced at no charge.

Please note: Only one one active key card is allowed per household at a time.  

*A PayPal invoice can be paid via Venmo or a credit card (for an additional fee)

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Replacement Pool Key Card Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

As Murphy's Law would have it, as soon as you get your new card, you may find your old card.  When this happens, keep the old card as an "inactive spare".  Then if you misplace your new card, you can text us back here and we will move the activation back to the old card for free.  Then hopefully, by the end of the season, you will find the other card and can store them both away with the sunscreen and pool toys for another year.

Remember that if sell your house or move away from Persimmon Hill, you should leave your pool key card behind for the new owners, just like you would the garage door opener and mail key.  If you are renting, your landlord should already have a key for you.

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