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Fun in the Pool


Persimmon Hill proudly provides 3 community pool facilities for recreation and enjoyment:

605 N. Persimmon Dr.

910 N. Overlook Dr.

2315 W. Elizabeth St. & Canyon Dr.

Pools are open Daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day

9AM to 10PM

Please help us keep our amenities maintained and safe for all our residents to enjoy by abiding by pool rules:


Pool areas prohibit:

  • Diving

  • Glass bottles

  • Loud or profane music

  • Smoking

  • Guests who are not accompanied by a resident of our neighborhood

  • See other posted rules at the pools


Residents and Guests must abide by pool rules, or they may be asked to leave the pool and/or be temporarily blocked from using the pools.  To report any pool concerns or maintenance, please contact the Board at or call 911 in the case of an emergency. 

Be advised that pools are under 24x7 HD video surveillance and cloud recording.  The HOA reserves the right to use this video footage as needed in enforcing the rules as posted here and as at the pools.

Pool Key Cards:  The lost/replacement pool key card fee is $25.00. Checks can be made payable to PHFHA. Please contact the Board at 913-353-5723.

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